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ideas2action is a Danish based international oriented consultancy firm. Our main focus areas are: 


  • Managing for results

    We have more than 20 years experience on three continents developing comprehensive planning, monitoring, leaning and management systems based on results based management principles.


    • Facilitating development of Theories of Change, logframes and M&E systems
    • Developing Results Based Management capacity

    Examples of assignments:

    • Three week course for civil servants and NGO-staff from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in Results Based Management including Theory of Change, Logical Framework Approach and M&E for Danida Fellowship Centre.
    • Developing guidelines, facilitating Theory of Change and training staff and managers in Theory of Change at International Media Support.
    • Developing Theory of Change and monitoring framework for UNEP 10 Year Framework Programme.
    • Developing M&E system for Danida's programmes in Pakistan.

    Our Experiences:

    • Establishing monitoring and/or management information systems in various sectors, municipalities, ministries, NGOs, programmes and/or projects in Denmark, Egypt, Russia, Bhutan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe from 1994 to date.
    • Evaluating numerous Danish and a number of EU funded projects and programmes.
    • Producing and/or quality ensuring a number of indicator and monitoring guidelines for Danida.
    • Monitoring and evaluation training of Danida staff, national and international NGOs and Danish civil servants.
    • Training consultants, advisors and civil servants in the Logical Framework Approach.
    • Facilitating of numerous strategy and planning processes in Denmark, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal,
    • Tanzania and Uganda using the above mentioned planning tools.


    • Book: "Evaluation as a Management Tool in the Public Sector"
    • Technical notes: "Monitoring at Programme and Project Level" (Danida) and various guidelines on indicators for 10 sectors (Danida)
    • Guidelines: Designing and reviewing programmes and projects using Theory of Change – A guide for IMS staff and partners (International Media Support)


    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
    • UN
    • EU
    • Danish Federation of Family Planning (East Africa and South Asia)
    • International Media Support
    • Danish Institute for Human Rights
    • Ghana Denmark Friendship Association
    • Various Danish municipalities and ministries
    Managing for results
  • Diversity & culture coaching

    Out activities

    • Coaching of international managers working in Denmark on how to manage in a Danish context
    • Coaching of Danish managers working abroad - how to manage in a different cultural context
    • Training of trainers - how to increase employees' intercultural competences
    • Training employees in co-operation and innovation across cultures
    • Coaching non-Danes in how to work with the Danes
    • Pre-departure preparation for employees (20 % excutives leave overseas jobs early (Korn Ferry Institute)
    • Facilitating increased innovation and co-operation in multi-cultural teams
    • Facilitating fusion processes using cultural diversity as a leverage
    • Assisting HRM personnel in designing the intercultural competent organisation
    • Practical conflict resolution in multi-cultural organisations and groups.

    Our approach

    We see cultural diversity as a resource. However, science shows that it is a resource which is difficult to tap into. It takes not only good will but also intercultural skills. These skills include cultural knowledge and understanding, cultural self insight, an ability to explore other cultures and strong communication and conflict resolution skills. Thus, to be intercultural competent goes far beyond knowing the "do's and don'ts" of other cultures. Intercultural competence can be obtained through training, coaching and practice.
    In order to unleash the innovation potential of cultural diversity we recommend not only intercultural training for managers and employees but also culture fusion processes facilitated by our experienced process consultants.

    More information

    "Innovation takes place when different ideas, perceptions, and ways of processing and judging information collide"
    (Dorothy Leonard and Susaan Straus, Harvard Business Review - On Breakthrough Thinking)

    Our clients include:

    • Bosch
    • Novozymes
    • Novo Nordic
    • Sika Nordic
    • CSC
    • Crisplant
    • Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Institute for Human Rights (Denmark)
    • University of Copenhagen
    • University of Southern Denmark
    • Linné University (Sweden)
    • Danish Engineering Colleges and Universities
    • Technical University of Denmark
    • Unions
    • Economists', engineers' and regional business interest organisations
    • UN, Danida and EU: (Practicing intercultural competence in various assignments in Africa, the Middle East and Asia (1994 to date))
    Additionally, we have undertaken anthropological research at multicultural work-places in Malaysia and Denmark.


    Book by Bjørn Nygaard (in Danish only): The cultural encounter at the work place - intercultural competence as a competition parameter.


    ”I had some good and useful sessions with Bjørn Nygaard and enjoyed his ability to get under the skin of the problems you meet as an ambassador in a developing country with employees with a different cultural background. I would especially like to emphasize Bjørn's advice on how to make the cultural encounter a positive encounter for all parties involved.” (Carsten Nilaus Pedersen, Ambassador)

    "I found the presentation on cultural encounters brilliant, Bjørn was an outstanding facilitator." (Danida advisor)

    "Bjorn connected with us well ... His assessment tools will be helpful in the future." (Danida advisor) "The exercises and role-play facilitated by Bjørn Nygaard gave me use full tools and are still objects for reflection for me." (Junior Professional Officer, UN)

    "The last two days focusing on culture provided a number of useful tools which we, as new JPO's, can use in order to adapt as best as possible to a new, international working environment." (Junior Professional Officer, UN)
    Diversity & culture coaching
  • Conflict resolution

    Our services:

    • Conflict analysis
    • Dialogue processes
    • Facilitating group conflict transformation
    • Mediation between two or more parties
    • Conflict coaching on managerial level
    • Processing conflicts in multicultural groups
    • Conflict resolution training
    • Improving work environment
    • Creating systems for conflict resolution in organisations

    Our clients:

    • Danida
    • Various Danish municipalities
    • Various Danish ministries
    • Various private Danish and international organisations
    • Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute

    Our tools:

    • Deep Democracy
    • Non-violent communication based mediation
    • Narrative mediation
    • Analysis: nested paradigme, staircase, problem tree, stakeholder analysis etc.
    • Interviews and innovation workshops

    Country experiences:

    • Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe
    • Asia: Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia
    • Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia
    • Middle East: Egypt, Syria, Tunisia

    Danida Fellowship Centre - Conflict Transformation Course

    For the forth time, ideas2action organised and facilitating a course on conflict transformation for Danida Fellowship Centre. The course take took place in Denmark December 2017 whereas previous courses have taken place in Uganda and Nepal. Participants are MPs, civil servants and NGO staff from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The objective is to enable participants to transform or manage the conflicts they face in order to contribute most effectively to intra organisational cooperation, human rights, good governance, development and peacebuilding. For more information regarding the course please refer to this brochure.
    Conflict resolution