Managing for results

We have more than 20 years experience on three continents developing comprehensive planning, monitoring, leaning and management systems based on results based management principles.


  • ​Facilitating development of Theories of Change, logframes and M&E systems
  • Developing Results Based Management capacity

Examples of assignments

  • ​Three week course for civil servants and NGO-staff from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in Results Based Management including Theory of Change, Logical Framework Approach and M&E for Danida Fellowship Centre.
  • Developing guidelines, facilitating Theory of Change and training staff and managers in Theory of Change at International Media Support.
  • Developing Theory of Change and monitoring framework for UNEP 10 Year Framework Programme.
  • Developing M&E system for Danida’s programmes in Pakistan.


“In terms of results concerning the work you did on the Theory of Change method:

  • International Media Support programme staff are beginning to feel more comfortable with results-based planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning following the introduction of the theory of change method.
  • IMS programmes has begun applying results-based planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning in a more systematic way.
  • IMS has developed its institutional theory of change, which will soon frame organisational-level planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning. And, in the programmes that have developed their ToCs, there is beginning to emerge a greater coherence between institutional strategic thinking and programme design.”

David Lush, Head of Organisational Learning, International Media Support.

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Our experiences

  • ​Establishing monitoring and/or management information systems in various sectors, municipalities, ministries, NGOs, programmes and/or projects in Denmark, Egypt, Russia, Bhutan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe from 1994 to date.
  • Evaluating numerous Danish and a number of EU funded projects and programmes.
  • Producing and/or quality ensuring a number of indicator and monitoring guidelines for Danida.
  • Monitoring and evaluation training of Danida staff, national and international NGOs and Danish civil servants.
  • Training consultants, advisors and civil servants in the Logical Framework Approach.
  • Facilitating of numerous strategy and planning processes in Denmark, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal,
  • Tanzania and Uganda using the above mentioned planning tools.​


  • Book: “Evaluation as a Management Tool in the Public Sector”
  • Technical notes: “Monitoring at Programme and Project Level” (Danida) and various guidelines on indicators for 10 sectors (Danida)
  • Guidelines: Designing and reviewing programmes and projects using Theory of Change – A guide for IMS staff and partners (International Media Support)


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
  • UN
  • EU
  • Danish Federation of Family Planning (East Africa and South Asia)
  • International Media Support
  • Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • Ghana Denmark Friendship Association
  • Various Danish municipalities and ministries